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Recruit and maintain diverse, best-in-class educators

Natick teachers are the heart and soul of our educational system. We are fortunate to have such exceptional people guiding our students and giving them the tools to become critical thinkers and civically engaged citizens. School districts are losing teaching and support staff at alarming rates. The effects of COVID on teacher retention have had a dramatic negative impact on student learning. In Natick, we have been fortunate to retain a large majority of our teaching staff, but we are not immune to the trends that are impacting the teaching community nationwide.  We need to continue to reach out to our teachers to let them know they have our trust, that we value their experience as highly trained professionals, and that we are invested in their success. And, we need to ask the question, “how can we support you?” Our schools and teachers have excellent reputations and we need to help our school administrators as they create conducive and supportive work environments.

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